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We are a distributor of finer beverage solutions in Jordan, all premium products, 100% natural and taste GREAT!!

Health Clubs

Do you own a health club? we can help you with your members loosing weight or adding muscle


Let us help you increase your profits and keep members coming back for more


Our network of suppliers provides, our premium beverage products to restaurants worldwide


You want your cafe to have the best and trendiest beverages to stand out of the crowd

Shopping Malls

Our products will be available at malls and supermarkets soon in Jordan!

Coffee and Tea shops

Healthy Frappes, smoothies and bubble iced teas, 100% natural, gluten-free and contains no GMOs or high corn syrup

Our Product Portfolio

A wide range of fresh smoothies made from premium fruits and vegetables with no added sugars or preservatives. Also a wide range of coffee and frappes beverages and our own new Boba Bubble tea mixes

Global testimonial about Brands we offer

  • “I did have 3 people tell me in the last 2 weeks they were long time clients of the competition, but all because of the smoothies we serve, they switched. That was great to hear. One works at the hospital and said she loves that they taste good and she's confident she's not putting junk into her body. She's been coming through twice a day, once for coffee and once for her smoothie. Pretty positive feedback!”

    A.J. Espresso

  • “I have tried Burger King’s smoothies, and McDonald’s smoothies. They are mediocre. I own a coffee shop and I sell Dr. Smoothie smoothies, 100% crushed, no sugar added, and I can add yogurt with protein and fiber that only adds 25 calories. Total calorie count on a 16oz smoothie is 225. And now I will be offering fruit and veggie smoothies, no sugar added. Best tasting fruit pureed smoothie out there!”


  • “I'm really excited, we bought a stand that had so many previous owners who didn't commit and the location had been closed for a while. We really needed a good first impression and that's really what your 100% Crushed smoothies did. We were so excited to serve products that back up what we tell our customers and your smoothies helped us prove that we are in this to offer quality, fresh and best tasting products that aren't full of junk. The smoothies were a big hit. It was hot, most people wanted to do blended and iced drinks. I had just put up the posters from Dr. Smoothie and the smoothies really sold themselves. We got such great feedback from customers. Our customers were so happy they were totally won over with the taste.”

    Jessie C.,ID

  • “…I just wanted to let you know I intend to use Dr. Smoothie products for my bakery-cafe. I am putting together a new menu board but before I finalize the menu I have been testing different products to get the best of the best. Your products are superior over many others…”

    Bill and Janet P.

  • “Our customers here just can't get enough of Dr. Smoothie. No matter what the weather the Dr. is always available. Thanks, for everything.”

    Melissa Snyder

  • "There are few things in this business that are as profitable as a juice bar, and with a top rate system that offers portion control, great recipes, unbelievable customer service, great graphics to support the entire profit center NutriBlendz has made a huge raving fan out of this Gold's Gym owner! It is without any hesitation whatsoever that I recommend NutriBlendz to you, my fellow Gold's owners. At the very least, call and speak with them-you owe it to your customers and yourself."

    TODD L. – GOLD’S GYM –

  • "We have been through some other juice bar companies and have felt all the pain associated with late orders, expensive product, and inaccuracy. The relationship with NutriBlendz has been GREAT and we look forward to growing our business with them as our SMOOTHIE JUICE BAR SOLUTION."

    JOSH W. – GOLD’S GYM –

  • "After having our own juice bar system in place for many years, we were introduced to the NutriBlendz system. We were very impressed with the quality of the product, the price points, the ease and use in making shakes and their excellent NutriBlendz system into our club we are making more profit per shake, have cut down our inventory costs and are able to train our staff in a matter of minutes. NutriBlendz has become a very cost effective solution for us and our members really enjoy the variety of shakes that we now offer."

    MIKE E. – GOLD’S GYM –

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